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  • SKU: Deer Head Wall Mount - Oaxacan Alebrije Wood Carving

Deer Head Wall Mount - Oaxacan Alebrije Wood Carving


    This incredible work of art was made over the span of several months and is handcrafted out of copal wood! This life-size sculpture was made by first dipping a large piece of wood in gasoline to kill any bugs still left on or inside the wood. After this process the wood is allowed to dry for a few days before being worked on by the wood carver. After the wood has been sufficiently dried carving can begin. The piece is carved while the wood is still moist since it is easier to carve and work the wood to give it a better detail and realistic look. The carving takes several weeks and even after the carving process is finished the piece has to be allowed to dry out completely before continuing to the next step. The drying process results in the wood splintering and cracking. These small cracks and splinters are then filled in with a filler of the artists choosing which can be glue, resin or a variety of other materials. After all cracks are filled, several base coats of paint are applied. The artist is finally able to bring the wood carving to life by painting it with beautiful designs from their imagination. The result of several months of hard work is what you see on VivaMexico.com for sale. We hope you appreciate the work that Oaxacan artists put towards creating these incredible works of art! 

    Width/Length/Depth: 13.5" x 17" x 8"

    • Origin: San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca
    • Copal wood (detachable ears and antlers)
    • Hand-crafted item
    • Signed by the artist